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Dynamic Keynote Speeches To Unlock Your Team's

Power, Passion, and Purpose!

Little Voices: Past Does Not Have to be Prologue

We are the sum total of our life experiences.  Some of those experiences are bad.  When confronted with challenges, obstacles, setbacks, or failures, little voices can grow louder in our minds.  Shawn's story is one that inspires and equips leaders and people of all professions to quiet the voices that say, "I can't" and turn up the volume on the ones that say, "I CAN!"

Culture Is Downstream from Leadership

Audience at Lecture

Why are some teams, groups, companies, agencies, or coalitions upbeat and synergized?  Why are some miserable?  In a word: Culture.  But culture does not magically appear.  Shawn's personal experiences (good and bad!) provide amazing and motivational insights into what leaders can do to influence and inspire their organizations to become the place people want to be!

Building a Team is Building a Legacy

Team Meeting

True leaders believe that they are obligated to serve those entrusted to their care. Shawn's dynamic, compelling, and captivating keynotes help leaders find their passion, power, and purpose to become the people that others don't HAVE to follow... they can become the leaders that others WANT to follow!

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