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Leadership and Team Development

Shawn leverages amazing leadership experience, deep academic credentials, and decades of reflection to provide individuals, teams, and organizations unique insights and actionable steps to take their leadership abilities from good to great, and great to rare!

Business Meeting

Leadership Leap

This one-on-one, four-part series is guaranteed to energize your leadership journey!  Starting with an initial assessment to ascertain your goals, Shawn will then provide you a proprietary and confidential Emotional Intelligence assessment, providing you with critical insights into your leadership strengths and potential detailers.  From here, you'll explore specific areas for focus, and develop a plan of attack that will propel you to new levels of leadership!

Business Meeting

Leadership Coaching

For those who want continued coaching and support along their leadership journey, Shawn will stick with you following your initial jumpstart. Available in two- or four-hour units, you can work with Shawn on a monthly retainer schedule, providing you access to realtime coaching as you navigate the issues and opportunities challenging your leadership!

Business Brainstorm

Development Workshops

Designed around your needs, Shawn will provide onsite, interactive workshops to help your leaders and teams!  These dynamic and engaging sessions can be delivered as two-, four-, or eight-hour modules.  Starting with a foundational understanding of our basic neuropsychology, Shawn transitions from the academic to the practical, ensuring that each participant is equipped to immediately improve their ability to influence and inspire their teams! 

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